Over the years I have constructed several model railroads, but have never put scenery on any of them. For the first time, I now have a railroad with scenery and I am very pleased with how it has turned out. Let me know what you think.
This is the first of several overview photos showing the entire train room. It shows the lift bridge that allows you to get into the room. It was built by Eaglewings and installed by me. A view of the oil storage tanks and the station in Anderson, Indiana. The schoolhouse was built by my good friend, Dave Fuller. Indiana Route 32 in Anderson, Indiana and the yards behind. A busy day on the outskirts of Anderson. Looking at the south end of the train room. A long shot of Indianapolis, Indiana with another yard. An overview of the roundhouse and turntable. Bellefontaine, Ohio with the station and yards in the foreground. Moving on around the layout on the east side of the room. A view of the yards and the area for Muncie, Indiana that is not yet finished. Another shot of the lift bridge. Trackside coming into Anderson. Two freight trains passing the Anderson station. A closer look that the fuel storage tanks. The Anderson elementary school and a couple of young people on bikes. A busy intersection coming into the edge of Anderson. Another day in town. A closer view of the yard area in Anderson. Note the power lines and newspaper boy. The house painter is almost finished. A teenager going out to his car for a date. A few great looking cars and a scratchbuilt garage. A couple leaving to play tennis. Note the tomato plants and the raccoons in the trash cans. A young man being sworn in at the local park. Note the flowers. A truckload of new cars. The local Texaco station is really busy today. A view from the hot air balloon over the highway. The switch tower for the yards. The construction crew is making good progress just north of the Indianapolis yards. A Mikado leads a fast freight passing though the Indy yards. The yards are full of freight cars waiting to be forwarded on to their destinations. A view of the highway bridge over the Indy yards. The Mikado led fright is approaching a slow signal. Looking across the bridge and down at the reefer ice service area. A set of EMD F-3ís passing across Indiana route 9. The F-3ís continue on passing the ball field where the Bellefontaine and Delaware Ohio high school teams are playing. Route 67 crossing the railroad near the switch tower. The ballplayers donít seem to notice the F-3ís as they pass close by. The Bellefontaine, Ohio Fire Station #1 and the police station both have a lot of action in the parking lot today. A view across the tracks at downtown Bellefontaine. The Bellefontaine station is filled with waiting passengers. The Southwest Limited is due in any minute now. The lead track to the yards and roundhouse is framed by the coaling tower in the background. The coal loader is hard at work transferring the coal for the power plant. Another view of the coal loading operation as seen across the turntable. The roundhouse is filled with steam locomotives being serviced for the next dayís schedule. One of the Mikados is about to move out onto the turntable to head up another freight. A view of the powerhouse and roundhouse. A set of ALCO PA-1ís leaving the service track to head up a passenger train at the Bellefontaine yard area. A trio of F-7ís, a set of GP-9ís, the PA-1ís and a Pennsy K-4 on the service tracks. A shot of the ash pit, work train and service tracks from the balloon.
The highway bridge is only half finished in this shot from the ballon. The Delco Battery GE 44 tonners wait for the days delivery of cars on the last unfinished area of the railroad.