• Railroad started in 1996 and still a work in progress. Need to landscape.
• Try to find the two things on the layout that would not have been there in Sept. 1954. The 1955 automobiles would have just been appearing on the streets.

Here is a short movie clip of the indoor railroad -

     indoor movie clip #1

I have divided my original pictures of the indoor railroad into five sections - structures, locomotives, cars, towns & interurbans.

structures | locomotives | cars | towns | interurbans

Scratchbuilt roundhouse filled with steam engines. Roundhouse and turntable from above. Two workers load ice into reefers. Scratchbuilt icing platform with ice blocks on conveyer. Better view of the ice blocks and conveyer system. Workers starting to load crushed ice into the reefers. Close up view of crushed ice. This was how perishables were shipped before mechanical refrigeration was used. Turntable with NYC Hudson on the bridge. Inside view of machine shop in roundhouse.
Workers repairing roadbed. Inside view of interlocking tower. Another view of interlocking tower interior.
Coaling station in Bellefontaine.

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EMD F-3 A unit NW-3 switching some freight cars at crossing. Alco FA and EMD F-3 GP-9’s and FA’s with work train in background. Heavily weathered Mikado on turntable. NYC Hudson arrives at Indianapolis with a string of heavyweights. GP-9’s running past a NW-3 at Bellefontaine. Alco S-4 pair Another view of an S-4. Alco PA and Alco FA wait assignments. NW-3 in front of a pair of S-4’s at Indianapolis yard. Three GP-9’s wait assignment at Bellefontaine. A Hudson being fueled while FA’s wait for assignment. The FA’s have been replaced by F-3s on the ready track. An Alco P-ABA set leaving the passing track to pick up a sting of passenger cars. The PA set in front of the Bellefontaine station as a switcher positions the passenger cars. A good view of an old 0-4-0 in the foreground with a set of F-3s and a work train in the background. A work speeder and trailer in front of a GE 44 tonner. A pair of GE 44 tonners at the Muncie Delco Batteryplant in Muncie. Note the loco made from a pair of Delcocufflinks.

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An old wooden caboose passing a station parking lot filled with period cars. One of the newer steel cabooses with the brakeman enjoying the passing scenery. A string of fairly new aluminum streamlined passenger cars. Some of the freight cars on the main lines and in the Indianapolis yard. The caboose ready line behind the NYC PA passing on the main line. The newly arrived streamlined baggage and RPO cars at night (above & below).

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The farmers’ market in Anderson. A bunch of switchers gather with the Indianapolis skyline in the background. “Fonz” waits on his grandparents to finish their shopping at the Farmers’ Market. Super service at the Anderson Texaco station. An overhead view of the Texaco station from the hot air balloon. Looking into the yards at Anderson.
A busy day in downtown Anderson. Pops Market on a busy morning.

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The Indiana Railroad fleet awaiting the busy start in the early morning. One of the modern high-speed cars arriving in the early evening. Three of the interurbans line up to depart.

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