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Authors - Noel Widdifield    

Eric, Noel, David and Nancy at play in the ‘40s.

F.M. Lucas and Noel in an exciting class in Highland High School.

Noel in cap and gown for graduation from Ball State University.

Noel receiving another Air Medal at Air Command & Staff College.

Chatting on the flight line at Beale Air Force Base.

Noel under the wing of a B-52 at Anderson AFB on Guam.

An SR-71 taxies out to the runway.

Noel being hooked up in the SR.

Looking down at an SR coming in for refueling with a KC-135Q.

An SR-71 taxies out of the shelter at Beale AFB.

Noel and Jim Sullivan at Farnborough following the world's fastest speed run.

The world is round and the sky is black at 85,000 feet.

A formal shot of the world fastest crew.

Noel watches his trains in Shady Side.

Noel as he usually looks in Shady Side in the winter.

“Mush” in Alaska in 2002.

The view was great in Ireland.

Sister Nancy and Ian in Noel’s Crossfire.

Noel on the water in Scotland.