Here are two short movie clips of the outdoor railroad -

     outdoor movie clip #1

     outdoor movie clip #2

My outdoor railroad is a work still in progress. It takes a back seat to my indoor railroad. I only set it up when I am going to run it. I store all of the locos, cars, buildings and people inside a building adjacent to the railroad. The locos and cars run out of the building on track that goes through a doggie door. Everything else is carried by hand out and set up each time I run. I usually only run the outdoor railroad a few times a year.

The fireman and a passenger wait for the “Polar Express” to leave town.
The dinning car attendant steps off of the cars to see what is holding up the departure.
A passenger train passes on the narrow gauge railroad while a worker ponders the beautiful day in front of the interurban car barn.
A quiet day as a passenger awaits the late morning arrival of the train.
The new Constellation 2-8-0 rolls into town with a long freight train.
The train crew enjoys a good story as they wait for the agent to finishing loading the mail in the baggage car.
The interurban cars of the Indiana Railroad are ready to go on a brilliant blue day.
The yards are full as the Polar Express readies to leave the station.
A newly married couple prepares to board the train for their honeymoon.
The fireman stands by for the departure.
A couple of railroad workers kill some time after lunch in the local diner.
A worker lifts a heavy milk car outside the RPO.

An early morning customer waves to a friend before entering the local saloon.

Looking over a departing 10-Wheeler into the yard.

The Connie leaves the yard with a long train of cars.